Spaghetti a la Carbonara: Taking My Sister Back to Rome

My sister recently returned from an awesome trip to Europe. She planned and waited for months, and the trip finally came to fruition for her last month. She spent almost two weeks traveling to Paris, England, Copenhagen, Rome, and Florence. When she came back, her very first text to me was: “I know what I want you to make me for your blog.” That dish was spaghetti a la carbonara, and I spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect recipe.

All you need to make these simple dish of goodness.

I’ll be frank. I’ve been avoiding Italian food when I’ve been hunting for recipes for the blog. Italian food, according to my friends who know, has been grossly Americanized here, and the dishes you would get off the beaten path in Italy are a far cry from what Olive Garden would serve you. I’m sure this won’t be the only time Italy appears on the blog; I’m still waiting for some of my Italian friends to send me recipes (hint, hint, you know who you are).

My sister probably will be mad I posted this photo. But at any rate, she is not amused.
My sister probably will be mad I posted this photo. But at any rate, she is not amused.

I stumbled upon this recipe (and very well-researched blog post) while hunting down something that didn’t contain peas, bacon, or cream sauce. I was very happy, and my sister told me that the photo looked exactly like what she had in Rome.

Beautiful yolks
Beautiful yolks

What I very much enjoyed about this recipe was the simplicity of it. It requires very little, but it is pure, simple goodness. It is definitely indulgent; this is not a dish I would be able to eat once a week. But it is a flavorful, rich pasta dish.

My sister twirling pasta.
My sister twirling pasta.

I wasn’t able to track down guanciale in Northern Nevada, so I substituted pancetta. My sister said it still tasted just like in Rome.

Served with a bit of Sangiovese, because I had no chianti.

Try out this recipe for a little piece of Rome. You won’t be disappointed.


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