Mexican Fire: Camarones a la Diabla

For those of you following along, you may have noticed I didn’t update last week. I was away at an intense trial advocacy conference last week (fancy term for mock trial), and just wasn’t able to get a blog post written in time. I’ll try to not let it happen again!

This week’s dish is one of my favorites when I go to Mexican food restaurants: camarones a la diabla. I’ve had some really awesome versions, and I’ve had some that for some reason taste vaguely of ketchup. One of my favorite variations was at a long-defunct Spanish tapas restaurant in Las Vegas. I used to order it and ask for some extra bread to sop up the sauce.

One of the fewest ingredient lists of the dishes I've made so far.
One of the fewest ingredient lists of the dishes I’ve made so far. Although I did forget the tomatoes in this shot. Oops.

This was an amazingly easy dish to make, and it is perfect for a quick weeknight meal. Feel like going to Mexico? Pop these little sea bugs into a skillet, and you’re done!

Peppers moistening up.
Peppers moistening up.

I can definitely handle my spice, and this dish did not disappoint. I was only making this for myself, and I might have had a bit of a hard time making it less spicy. My advice? Just take out some of the peppers. But then it won’t be *quite* as fun.

Serve up with some bread and white rice.
Serve up with some bread and white rice.

Eating this reminded me of the weekend cruise to Ensenada I went on last Christmas with my boyfriend’s family: delicious seafood mixed with spice. Plus, it was light, and it didn’t weigh heavy in my stomach. Perfect, because I was gearing up to put on my bikini one last time the week I made this.

It was a real treat to be able to travel to Mexico in just 20 minutes.

Try out the recipe from La Cocina de Leslie.


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