Faux pig roast indoors for a Hawaiian lunchbox

I cheated a bit for this one. It is perfectly possible to imitate a Hawaiian pig roast in your own backyard. I have been the willing recipient of two such roasts since I moved to Northern Nevada. However, I don’t have the space for that right now (also, I don’t think my landlord would appreciate that), and this recipe is a fair substitute, easily roasted up in the slow cooker. (Check out her pressure cooker version as well if you want to get this done in about an hour).

This recipe starts with bacon. Yes, bacon. Line your slow cooker with bacon.
This recipe starts with bacon. Yes, bacon. Line your slow cooker with fatty fatty pig candy.

I make this recipe at least every month or so. It’s great for groups because of how easy it is, and it’s great for my budget, because I cook this up and then stick it in dishes the next couple weeks after putting it in single-serving bags in my freezer.

Before and after. Voila. That easy.
Before and after. Voila. That easy. The pic on the recipe was before work. The pig on the right was after work.

When I was in Las Vegas, my boyfriend and I loved going to one of the fast casual Hawaiian places by our house. I would always get some kind of plate: macaroni salad, rice, and some sort of protein. Hawaii is also one of the few places I’ve actually been to IRL (yep, I did that) that I am “visiting” on my blog. One of my favorite experiences was the pig roast, where I got to have some authentic roasted pig, rice, and mac salad in the beautiful, lush 50th state. I wanted to recreate that classic Hawaiian plate at home.

These are the only vegetables that ended up in my meal.
These are the only vegetables that ended up in my meal.

I decided to pair the kalua pork recipe with this macaroni salad I found online. I halved the recipe for the macaroni salad and still ended up with quite a bit… Let’s just say I was having a Hawaiian plate lunch for a few days!

Elbows, elbows, everywhere!
Elbows, elbows, everywhere!

There is an INSANE amount of mayo in this dish. I did not realize how much until I was staring at it in the mixing bowl (I did not include that photo, because it looked a tad gross). This is not diet friendly… any kind of diet (unless there’s a mayonnaise diet out there… I’m sure my sister will find it if there is). But, it was soooooo tasty. My boyfriend is the type who asks to sub out his rice for another scoop of mac, and he gobbled this up. I also probably would follow the advice of some of the commenters and cut down the apple cider vinegar a bit. It was just slightly too sour, but it mellowed a bit after a day in the fridge.

My own Hawaiian plate at home.
My own Hawaiian plate at home.

Overall, this was a great meal, and fairly easy to do. This will be a great summer dinner party meal that will come across as taking much more time than it actually does (particularly because you’re not roasting a pig in the ground for a few days). Try the pig and mac out for your own little Hawaiian vacay.

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