Cooking up cevapcici from Bosnia

I had a pound of ground lamb in my freezer from my stalled attempt to make Afghani aushak, and I needed a plan for how to use it. Enter cevapcici, a type of sausage made in Bosnia (and the Balkans in general). I thawed out that and some ground beef and got to cooking for a nice evening meal at home before going out with friends.

Prepping the ingredients
Prepping the ingredients in my pearls like Mrs. Cleaver

I was intrigued by the instruction to mix lamb and beef. I love lamb, but it is one of those meats that tends to be polarizing. The mixture of both definitely cut the flavor of the lamb, but the lamb gave it a more interesting flavor than beef alone. Overall, I liked the mixture.

Everything you need. Yep. That's pretty much it.
Everything you need. Yep. That’s pretty much it.

These were simple to make, and if it weren’t for the ground lamb, I could make these most any day with what I have on hand in my kitchen.

Raw little sausages
Raw little sausages

My one complaint with these little guys is they didn’t pack a lot of flavor. I picked up some roasted red pepper hummus to dip them in after the fact. (I also was unsuccessful in finding pita bread, at least at the store I went to… I was too lazy to stop elsewhere). They definitely need some kind of dip to make them more exciting. Another recipe I found suggests making ajvar, which is why I picked roasted red pepper hummus up from the store.

The finished product
The finished product

I opted to make them in a skillet because I am still sadly without a grill (I will have to remedy that this summer). If I made these again, I would definitely make ajvar and pita bread. Try out this recipe for a good, quick meal!


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