Brazilian Fish Stew: A Different take on Brazil

I do have a couple of drawbacks with my blog. I know there’s a couple of things I’m just not going to be able to replicate (Hawaiian roasted pig in the ground? I’m renting, I can’t! …. But I do have a good substitute for a future post). When I was living in Las Vegas, I was a grilling fiend. I grilled at least a couple nights a week. It’s fast and easy, and everything tastes good crusted with a bit of char. Plus, in Vegas, the winters are not harsh, so I can grill all year long.

When I packed up and moved to Northern Nevada, one of the things I had to leave behind was my beautiful grill. Although I recently moved into a house, getting a grill is something I just haven’t gotten around to yet (I’m a little too picky for what my current funds will allow). When I came across this recipe for Brazilian fish stew, I was intrigued. After all, Brazil is known for its meat (I’ve been in my fair share of Brazilian steak houses over the years). I also figured now was a great time to try it, since my sister, who hates fish, is gallivanting around Europe at the moment.

All the stuff
All the stuff

The recipe calls for a firm white fish. I went with swordfish because it is relatively cheap for how sturdy it is (I knew tilapia would fall apart too easily), and also, I love it!

Peppers, chillin'
Peppers, chillin’

This was a quick meal. I made it on a weekend, but it could easily translate to a weeknight meal.

Swordfish, sizzlin'
Swordfish, sizzlin’

For those of you afraid of the coconut milk…. don’t be! I cook with coconut milk a lot because my sister and boyfriend can’t always handle lactose in large doses, and I find that if you lose a lot of spices, you can’t always taste it. I went full-fat (because I always go full-fat; I don’t do things half-assed) with the coconut milk, and it still wasn’t overpowering.


This was a meaty, soul-warming dish. I definitely favor a certain spice palate, which this recipe includes. Will I make Brazilian meat in the future? Sure, whenever I finally get a grill. But for now, I enjoyed this little piece of South America.


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